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Build value in your SAP career with Abacus Consulting SAP education

AbacusConsulting is an authorized and trusted SAP Education partner in MENA Region. We offer a wide range of training in the latest version offered globally, ECC 6.0 and the NextGeneration training solutions including SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA and SAP SuccessFactors among others.


SAP Education Partner

Through our expertise in SAP-related knowledge transfer and learning, AbacusConsulting-SAP Education can help you to develop, protect, and reap significant value from your SAP Career investment. Our SAP Education offerings enable you to benefit from the lower total cost of ownership and an ongoing, optimal return on your investment throughout the software life cycle, so you can

  •  1 - Implement solutions faster at a reduced cost.
  • 2 - Mitigate project and business risks.
  • 3 - Decrease support costs with faster and higher acceptance among end users.
  • 4 - Achieve operational excellence and growth.
  • 5 - Ensure faster adoption of new releases and changes in business processes.

Cutting Edge Solutions

Supported by cutting-edge software, services, and tools, AbacusConsulting works with you to build a culture of continuous blended learning and in realizing an outstanding and measurable return on your SAP education. AbacusConsulting-SAP Education can help you design and implement learning strategies covering the entire corporate education value chain with the following characteristics:

  • 1 - Flexible curricula - professionally designed academic sessions.
  • 2 - Latest learning products to accelerate and reinforce understanding of key business processes.
  • 3 - Support from region’s best-experienced consultants.

Abacus Consulting Training Centers

Abacus Consulting has SAP Education Centers in three Major cities across Pakistan.

  • 1 - Lahore
  • 2 - Karachi
  • 3 - Islamabad

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Abacus SAP Education Footprints

Companies around the world are becoming increasingly aware that SAP solutions streamline processes, reduce costs and increase overall efficiency. SAP software installation is considered a business-critical activity. The complexities and the innumerable capabilities of the SAP solutions create the need for trained people to maximize potential and use of SAP Solutions effectively. Certified consultants from AbacusConsulting SAP Academy are equipped with the knowledge & expertise in SAP business solutions to meet the overwhelming demand for certified SAP professionals in the market. This is precisely why Abacus SAP Academy offers comprehensive, hands-on classes for SAP Partners, independent customers, students and anyone who seeks intensive training in the SAP products. Since 2005 Abacus Consulting has been providing quality SAP education. We are proud to have produced some of the best-known names in SAP consulting both locally and internationally. Our academy results have consistently shown high passing percentages attributable to our expert trainers and our specialized and dedicated team of Education Managers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. In Addition, our portfolio boosts some of the most challenging SAP implementations, which have helped us, build a team of truly seasoned SAP consultants capable to deliver high-quality training and correlate SAP knowledge with real-life learning.

Types of Academies

With Abacus you have the flexibility to choose from various learning options

Option 1 - SAP eAcademy

SAP eAcademy is flexible education program rolled out by SAP throughout the region. SAP eAcademy adopts the learner-centric approach to training. AbacusConsulting is proud to be the pioneers of introducing SAP eAcademy in Pakistan. We are currently offering SAP eAcademy in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
SAP’s eAcademy offers an efficient way to transfer knowledge designed specifically to deliver information wherever and whenever it’s needed. Each course provides interactive snapshots of business processes along with simulations, exercises, pre/post evaluations. You can seek assistance through dedicated online support available to students via Web-based chat, VoiceOver IP, NetMeeting, as well as global learner discussion boards. Participants directly access SAP Training Material from our premises. The 200-hour course can be completed by assessment over a period of three months or five months.

Key Highlights of the eAcademy:
  • Teaching medium: Training Terminals (Desktops)
  • Course content: designed specifically for consultants; focused on business process and solution areas. It covers the Instructor-Led Training (ILT) content but in a Computer Based Training (CBT) form.
  • Flexible format: allows students to proceed at their own pace and repeat lessons as needed while providing interactive snapshots and simulated exercises.
  • Live access: to the SAP training system helps learners practice exercises and demos in real time.
  • On-line support available: through Web-based chat, Net meeting, and expert instructor help support available at scheduled times
  • SAP eAcademy Includes: E-learning courses, helpdesk support, access to training systems, student handbooks

Option 2 - SAP Learning Hub – Professional Edition


SAP® Learning Hub Professional Edition, brings the power of the cloud and the knowledge of subject-matter experts from SAP to you. With SAP Learning Hub, all the training about SAP that large organizations or individual professionals need is in one place – whenever it is required.


Help ensure you or your workforce has the skills and knowledge it needs for customer engagements, certification preparation and change management Provide opportunities for you or your workforce to build and reinforce skills, cross-train and expand capabilities

  • Improve expertise through interaction with a subject-matter expert
  • Assign learning plans and monitor learner progress
Key Features - Learning Hub:
  • A cloud-based solution that provides instant online access
  • No need to schedule or travel for training
  • Fast and easy access to all our latest learning materials for training when you need them
  • More than 3,000 training titles, along with Learning Rooms
  • SAP Live Access, which provides access to live training systems for hands-on
  • Helps superusers, key users, and end users operate SAP solutions successfully and retain solution knowledge
  • Unlimited 24x7 availability of online learning materials
  • Available, Anytime, Anywhere!
Key Benefits:
  • Cost Effective and flexible
  • Improved efficiency due to comprehensive training at an attractive price
  • Increased effectiveness because of the ability to interact within SAP Learning Rooms
  • Increased transparency from reporting and learning management system functionality

Option 3 - SAP Learning Hub - Business Edition, Public Cloud Version

  • Build and keep SAP software skills and knowledge up-to-date from a library of thousands of SAP enablement titles.
  • Enable individuals or organizations to maximize the value of SAP software anywhere, anytime.
  • Leverage learning management system capabilities to select training courses, view learning progress and report learning programs and history.
  • Benefit from innovative SAP Learning Rooms — interactive, online social media sites where users get access to knowledgeable SAP experts and collaborate and network with fellow learners, work on challenging assignments, and review exercises right at your desk.
Key Features:
  • Get a fast start to your SAP enablement by subscribing to our library of enablement content for this SAP Learning Hub edition.
  • Benefit from an unlimited access during your 12 months subscription to a catalogue containing SAP Education’s enablement content for this SAP Learning Hub edition.
  • SAP Education is continuously updating the catalogue with any changes to existing content or net new content relevant to users so that you have access to our latest content during your subscription.

Option 4 - SAP Customer Specific Training (Instructor-Led Customized SAP Training)

This track is for existing clients and consultants who like to excel in their respective SAP domain(s). These are all professional and Master level courses. We can also customize existing courses to meet your specific training needs. Once we customize a course for you, your team can attend the training at our training facility – or if you have the required training infrastructure, we can conduct the training at your site. Course details would be custom provided based on training requirements.

Option 5 - SAP Certification Hub – Cloud Certification

Key Features:
  • The Certification in the Cloud subscription provides you with a 12- month’s access to the Certification Hub, where you can schedule up to a maximum of 6 exam bookings over your subscription period. Your subscription is valid for all exams available for booking in the Certification Hub. You also can take each exam up to a maximum of three times. The exams are remotely proctored via a webcam on your PC or laptop and you can schedule your exam 24 x 7 via the Certification Hub.
  • Upon passing an exam, you will be provided with a link to the SAP Credential Manager, where you can download your logo and electronic certificate

SAP Modules

We are offering latest SAP courses and an ever-growing course curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP ERP system or SAP ECC (SAP ERP Central Component?
SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing and is the largest database software company in the world. The SAP is based in Waldorf, Germany. ERP is an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP helps an enterprise or an organization or a company run its business effectively by planning its resources efficiently. These resources may be material, manpower or services. SAP ERP is a database software that integrates various business functions of a company to eliminate the need for redundant or duplicate data entry. SAP ERP stores all the activities and business functions that the users perform in its database. Eventually, all this data helps in making better business decisions in the form of a large number of standard reports available
What is the relationship between AbacusConsulting and SAP?
AbacusConsulting has a strategic alliance with SAP to provide SAP Implementation, support and education services to valuable clients. Our strategic intent is to create value for our clients and to bring competitive advantage to their activities. We meet their needs by combining our international capabilities and local market knowledge with our extensive range of skills and industry expertise.
I don't have prior experience in SAP. Which SAP course is suitable for my career?
The key is to select a training course that is well aligned with your professional qualification and experience. Let's say you are a Java developer, and then getting training in a functional course may not be the right approach for you. There are technical courses available such as ABAP and this can be a good logical enhancement of your career skills. Adding new skills that logically enhance your core competencies is the right approach. For more guidance, feel free to write us at or call us at +92 42 35884981
Is "e" Academy the best model to take SAP Academy?
We believe so. Worldwide thousands of students have taken the SAP eAcademy and the statistics show that more than 74% pass the final certification exam. The passing percentage has increased due to the eAcademy and is 30% higher than any other training model. This is due to the following reasons: You can learn at your own schedule and at your own pace. No dependence on other student's progress. No dependence on the instructor's knowledge and experience. You can always review the lessons at your own convenience.
Is the SAP Certificate recognized internationally?
Yes, after passing the SAP Certification Exam, you will be given an official SAP Certificate from SAP Germany. This SAP Certificate is recognized internationally.
I am working and very busy on weekdays, but I truly want to learn SAP.
Currently, we have two options for you. First, SAP Training Centers at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Our academies remain open from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM, five days a week, and will be increased as demand increases. Secondly, we have Learning Hub Professional edition in which you can access your SAP training anytime and from anywhere.

Client Testimonial

If I am talking about the SAP e-Academy, Abacus Consulting provides the best environment for students to learn about SAP ERP and implement that knowledge on the trainer. The SAP eAcademy training system is very user-friendly. One thing that impressed me about online training system is if I have a question there is always a quick response. Consultants are always present at the office. Consultants are very good about getting me through issues. Their support is the first rate. This is the best place to learn about different SAP modules.
Apart from that I always enjoyed the warm and friendly environment of the company. Every member is very cooperative and friendly. I will definitely recommend my friends to join Abacus Consulting for starting their SAP career. A Great Place to learn & Update. Great Training with a positive attitude. I am proud of abacus consulting. All I can say is WOW."

- Muhammad Nouman Asghar -

I am Qaiser Anwar. I was working as an IT manager in Oil and Gas based industry in Dubai. I have recently moved back to Pakistan from Dubai. I decided to increase my knowledge towards databases and was quite impressed by HANA technology. I decided to complete my certification in SAP HANA. After a detailed search which institute to join I decided to go with Abacus Consulting. And I found it the best choice for SAP my career. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me. The content of E-academy enabled me to learn both conceptually & technically. Abacus Consulting is highly recommended for SAP career growth.

- Qaiser Anwar -

Choosing Abacus Consulting was one of the best career decisions that I took. I was looking for an environment that is friendly, helpful and professional so ABACUS was the obvious choice. The team over here is committed and maintaining high standards of mannerism and is always ready to help. The technical team gave me a headstart to become familiarize with the SAP Environment. They also helped me find answers to the queries I had for the SAP in general or HCM module in particular. All the teams make a great force together and thus prove to be an unmatchable asset for the management. If you want to choose SAP as your career path, I will strongly recommend you to come and join ABACUS, you will be in safe hands.

- Ali Hadi -

I was interested in developing an understanding of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). I came across Abacus Consulting, while searching for an institute for ERP Courses and Training. I was already aware of its good repute, further guidance and orientation sessions from its management inspired me to get registered for SAP Controlling Module and I am quite satisfied with my decision.

- Humaira Aziz -


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