Solve Out-of-Stock (OOS) challenges with Tableau


One of the biggest challenges faced by the retailers is the availability of the right products, at the right stock levels and in the right stores. If the customers don’t find the product because of Out of Stock (OOS), that is just a lost sale.

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In the supermarkets, where customers prefer to shop grocery from one retail outlet, unavailability of the product might not only result in losing one basket but also the future baskets.

Through this interactive dashboard for the retailers by our BI experts, the retailers can solve the problem of having the correct product at correct inventory levels, in the correct stores. By analyzing product availability by category, supplier, day, and store region, retailers can identify gaps in efficiency and interactively drill into the details. And most importantly, you don't require any hardcore coding or technical skills to use the dashboard — it’s just a drag and drop!

Explore the dashboard here:

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