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The world is rapidly moving towards digitization and adopting emerging technologies, thus creating a need for every firm to become more agile and intelligent in their operations. Abacus Consulting, with its state of the art ERP solutions, helps you utilize the right tools that are required to be the smart enterprise of the future and increase business growth.

Our offerings are most suitable for enterprises that operate in the SME sector. SAP Business One caters to all dynamic needs of your business, giving you a one window view of the operations cycle and enabling you to make better decisions.

SAP Business One

SAP Business one is the ideal ERP solution for your SME. Its customized modules cater to complex business requirements, increase control over your small business with software designed to grow with you. SAP Business One streamlines key processes, allowing you to gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information, helping you drive profitable growth.

SAP Business One is the preferred solution for companies operating as:

  • Stand-alone enterprises, whether SME’s or large enterprises
  • Start-ups aiming for resilient growth
  • Parent companies that operate with a subsidiary model
  • Organizations with diverse multi-company, multi-branch, multi-national, and multi-divisional needs

SAP Awards won by Abacus

SAP Business One Partner of the year MENA 2020

SAP Business One Partner of the year MENA 2019

SAP Business One Partner of the year MENA 2018

SAP Business One Partner of the year MENA 2017

Best SAP Business One Net New Names MENA 2017

Highest SAP Business One HANA Deals in MENA 2017

SAP Business One Innovation Partner of the Year 2016

3rdBest SAP Business One Partner of the year (Revenue Wise) EMEA 2017

Our Clientele

SAP Certified Add Ons Developed by Abacus

Each Add On has been uniquely designed according to SAP guidelines to meet our clients diverse needs.

Native Sales



Campus Management

Abacus Native sales solution helps to save cost by removing paper processes; helps improve sales by speeding up the ordering process, stock counting; and offers features to track employees sales activity on Google Maps for last posted orders. Native sales solution helps increase the market penetration for customer which ultimately leads to increase in revenue. Abacus Native Sales solution improve your business operations and make smarter decisions with insightful data shown in reports via hand-held device integration.

Dynamic Features

  • Allows to integrate & manage Inventory, Orders, Customers, Warehouses & sales employees between SAP Business One & hand-held devices
  • Allows to post 'Stock Count' by scanning bar-codes of items from warehouse
  • Post 'Sale Quotation' remotely from mobile application
  • Allows to create 'Business Partner' from mobile application, limited access to authorized users only
  • Allows to create 'Goods Receipt' from mobile application, limited access to authorized users only
  • View employees last sale orders with location on Google Maps
  • Allows to restrict Items & Customers for sales employees for targeted orders
  • Data integration with SAP Business One, once mobile is connected with Internet
  • Allow user to view day end sales report from hand-held device

Native sales solution helps to improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Use any android hand-held device to quickly create orders whilst on the road, even when OFF-LINE / not connected with SAP Business One server. Native Sales solution allows the customer to track employees sales locations and also track day end sales employee wise, on SAP Business One & hand-held device.

Native Sales Solution helps organizations to:

  • Increase revenue by 10-20% by keeping more penetration for customer in market
  • Reduce paper processing and manual data entries resources up-to 50%-60%
  • Save cost, improve sales efficiency of field officers.
  • Track field officers using GPS check-ins against posted orders.
  • Helps to Increase revenue and apply corrective measures by analytic analysis.
  • Systematic discounts, policies update on end user mobile app.

Abacus HCMOne handles complex requirements of your organization which include employee master management, attendance, allowances, leave types, tax rules, overtime, loans, additional salaries and allows authorized users to define flexible and configurable deductions.

Abacus HCMOne offers one click solution to close salary month and roll-out salary slips via email with integrated financial transactions with SAP Business One.

HCMOne Modules

  • Employee profile management
  • Attendance management
  • Payroll setups (monthly/ bl-monthly
  • Payroll elements (allowances, deductions)
  • Leaves setup & managemen
  • Loans & advances management
  • Tax & gratuity management
  • Financial integration with SAP business one
  • Payroll processing & month closing
  • End of services processing
  • Resignation & re-hiring process
  • Reporting module
  • Web based self- service portal for employees

Key Features

  • Full integration with SAP Business One HANA & SAP B1 9 and above versions
  • Manage unlimited number of employees and history of transition
  • Payroll self-service portal allows employees to review profile, apply for leaves & review salary slips
  • Provision to stop & resume loan installments for special cases
  • Manage to define multiple Payrolls within single system
  • Automated attendance integration to calculate late, overtime & rule based leaves
  • Dynamic calculation parameters for allowances, deductions, contributions & overtime
  • Auto posting of financial impact in SAP 81 for month closing
  • Managed user based authorization to control roll-based payroll process
  • Allows integrating bio-metric data parameters

Key Features

Abacus Campus Management is a web based solution & is fully integrated with SAP Business One, complying with quality standards to manage student proceedings on campus. Administration requires a smooth, fast, accurate and consistent functioning of all its day-to-day operations and fast tracking on one-click. Abacus Campus Management System gives unprecedented leverage to the management to help administer activities for single or multiple campuses. This System covers the entire student process from admission to monthly progress tracking.

Campus Configuration

  • Comprehensive configuration to define multiple campus, classes, sections, subjects fees, tax and resource allocation
  • Arrangement of subjects as per term/semester/class
  • Offers provision to transfer student from one campus to another campus

Admission Module

  • Enrolled students directly integrated with SAP Business One to monitor financial activities on monthly basis
  • Covers complete process of Student Enrollment/Admission/Registration campus wise
  • System has provision to define Academic year & holidays

Fees / E-Voucher Management

  • Dynamic configuration to manage fees based on campus, sections, courses and authorization based discount policy.
  • Wizard based fees generation procedure to calculate penalties and fees vouchers.
  • Automate email execution of fees vouchers to students & parents email addresses.

Integration & Analytics

  • Abacus Campus Management System is fully integrated with SAP Business One, with master data layer and transaction layer to manage financial record students.
  • System has web-based dashboards to review & recovered fees, defaulters and total number of active & enrolled students on each campus.

Student / Parent Portal

  • Powerful and easy to use portal available 24/7 to access information and services.
  • On-line billing section to review complete financial activity of each month.
  • Subject details & attendance card of student are additional components for parental review.
  • On-line portal offers to review campus announcements or special events.

Reporting Portal

  • Abacus Campus Management System provides controlled reporting portal allowing authorized users to upload and assign customized reports to system user.

Integrated solution for SAP B1

The need for improved access to information is becoming increasingly important. By implementing right IT alternatives that are cost effective, easy to operate and ultimately support to enhance the growth of the business, Abacus Consulting enables the sugar industry to efficiently plan, manage and execute their business operations in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market place.

Since a sugar factory relies on timely sugarcane supply and execution, the monitoring of sugarcane from the fields up to the factory till it produces "sugar" is our core focus.

AGRI-ONE Key Features

Abacus Agri-One allows you to execute the cane processing starting from survey to recovery by keeping track of the amount of cane that is being cultivated for factory from different growers. It also keeps track of transportation required, advance payments, crop loans, weight bridge management with security camera controls, payments and detailed reports to view real statistics of the season on one click.

  • Agri-One is fully integrated with SAP Business One
  • Agri-One works in Off-line Mode, even if network connection is not available in the factory
  • Data Replication service transfers each transaction to SAP Business One server automatically once network connectivity is established
  • Automated email alerts of replication service blockage or data failure
  • Camera controls of weight bridge processing, and image of vehicle on GRN /Cane Purchase Document
  • Survey of cultivation & estimation management
  • Handling of cultivation loans or advances
  • Cane Purchase Audits and G/L posting
  • Flexible Wizard to process multiple growers payments on single click
  • Rates, Allowances, Deductions controls based on territories setup
  • Flexible Subsidies, Binding controls based on weights
  • Analytic dashboard to view shift wise production
  • User based access rights

AGRI-ONE Modules

  • Cultivation Survey Management
  • Verities, Allowances, Deduction Management
  • Territories & Grower Management
  • Transport Contractor Management
  • Transportation Rates Management
  • Cane Purchase Request & Token Issuance
  • Weightment Management (Gross & Tare Weight)
  • •Cane Purchase Management
  • Grower Loans & Advance Management
  • Grower Payments Wizard
  • Outgoing Payments
  • Grower, Contractor Master
  • Report Manage

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