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SAP Business One
Today’s Fast Growth companies are the future of the world economy and AbacusConsulting views working with such organizations as a foremost priority. Through a strategic partnership with SAP, the world’s leading enterprise software company, we bring SAP Business One into the reach and service of fast growing companies. The SAP Business One software application integrates all core business functions across an entire company including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations.

SAP Business One - AbacusConsulting

The SAP Business One solution is both easy to use and easy to implement - addressing two major challenges which fast growing companies face all over the world. First, fast growing companies are powered by fast growing people. People who as users may not have worked on large-scale enterprise systems previously, but yet require a comprehensive solution to help them meet the everyday challenges of a growing business. SAP Business One is designed for these fast growth individuals, addressing their requirements today and giving them a roadmap for the future.

Second, with more than 100 implementations across more than two dozen industry sectors, AbacusConsulting brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and pre-built extensions together to give our clients a simple and rapid deployment. Fast growing organizations are burdened with growth challenges and pressures all around the organization. In this state, it is impossible to carry through a complex implementation - though many have tried to do so, the results have been far less than desirable. A simple and rapid implementation not only delivers transformational results but also considerably reduces the total cost of ownership of our clients’ enterprise solutions.

The main features offered by SAP Business One are:

AbacusConsulting - SAP Business One Feature

To learn more about how we can support your fast growing organization, please contact us.

Obaid Iqbal
Territory Sales Manager (SAP Business One)

Mobile: 0344 444 0828