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Abacus Manufacturing Suite

Production Add-On




Toll/Fixtures/Die/Mold Master

User defined tools/Fixtures/Die & Mold general and technical information. All stored information can be extracted by one-click.

Operation Master

All stages of production known as operations in production module. Each finished good executed from different stages and all stages defined in operation master.

Goods production structure

A one time activity to store goods production stages, once each stage is attached with good, same information can be accessed by quality on click.

Machine / Labor Calculation

System automatically calculates the machine hours cost and labor cost involved in the production stages.

Shift Master

Different shifts can be defined, and each shift based production is compatible in system

Quality & Production Integration

Production Add-On has tight integration with quality module. It is system’s smart functionality to hold the stages which are in process of quality testing / pending for quality testing.


System automatically generates alerts, for stages, releasing, pending, rejecting of goods. Alerts can be configured as per requirements of industry.

Tag Printing

Release, Pending, On-Hold, Rejected tags can be generated from Production Add-On


Quality Add-On




Parameter Master

Testing parameters for Raw, Packing & finish goods can be stored.

Goods receipt integration with quality

Quality module locks each Good’s receipt in quarantine warehouse, once quality test is passed, system allows quality to transfer material from quarantine to raw or packing.

Quality Plan

Quality Plan used to store the Testing parameters for raw and packing materials.

Control Plan

Control Plan used to store the testing parameters for semi finish goods and finish goods.

In-Ward Inspection

Testing parameters of raw and packing material with results can be executed from Inward Inspections. All posted Good receipt notes would be processed through inward inspection.

In-Process inspection

Each Semi finished good/product can be tested as per stages of production. System automatically pulls the semi finished good testing material as per stage priority. 

Final stage inspection

All finished good items can be verified by quality from Final Stage Inspection. Additional cost and material calculation can be managed in the Final Stage Inspection.


Costing Add-On




Cost Rate Master

User can assume all rates using cost calculations in the form of percentages

Location Cost Master

User can enter all location information like building & plant. User can also define plant & building depreciation, this screen also contains the information regarding how many machines on much area of the building.

Machine hour Rate Master

User can define all machine hour rates & machine usage in a day. This information is very useful for calculation of cost per product.

Labor Hour Rate

User can define type of labor & their rates in order to calculate labor cost.

Product Costing  / Pricing

User can calculate the actual direct material cost & conversion cost this costing calculation result due to the above mentioned master information. By this functionality, user can calculate all amounts of machine cost, direct labor cost, indirect labor cost, total tool cost, production cost, admin overheads, cost of sale, profit, selling price etc, in short by this functionality user can see the actual profitability picture product wise.


 ‌Advance Purchase Add-On (Optional)




Purchase Indent

User can maintain all purchase indent information department-wise, which is very useful for reporting & future references.

Request for quotation

User can maintain all information regarding request for quotations department wise & user wise which is very useful for reporting & future references.

Offer Received from Supplier

User can maintain all information regarding offers received from different supplier’s supplier ID-wise, which is very useful for reporting & future references.

Compare Quotations

This Add-on enables the user to compare quotations from different suppliers which is very useful functionality for decision making.

PO amendment

This Add-on also enables the user to amend the added PO’s rate & quantities as per requirement.

Import Purchase Order confirmation

User can maintain all information regarding import PO including all LC information.

Import Material Dispatch Detail

This Add-on enables the user to maintain all import material dispatch detail information including material quantities & LC information.

Clearance Entry

This Add-on enables the user to enter clearance entry regarding import material along with LC information.


User can maintain all bonding information in case of import purchase.


User can maintain all De-bonding information in case of import purchase.


Plant Maintenance Add-On (Optional)




Category Master

User can maintain all types of machine & instrument information.

Activity Master

User can maintain all types of activities performing by different departments.

Plant Master

User can maintain all master information regarding Plants.

Unit Master

User can define Unit Ids.

Reason Master

User can maintain all reason codes (error codes) with description & narrations.

Power Point Information

User can maintain Power point Ids located in the plant which is useful for maintenance activities.

PM Check List

User can maintain the Plant maintenance check list which is very useful during maintenance process in order to avoid any complication.

Machine / Instrument Master

User can maintain all machine & instruments master information.

Tools / Fixture /Mould / Die Master

User can also maintain all tools master information like machine master information.

Operation Master

User can maintain all type of operations information those are performing during production process.

Activity Plan

User can maintain all type of activity plans for plant maintenance.

Activities Carried Out

User can enter the activities carried out information during the maintenance process for future references & for reporting purposes.

Break Down Entry

User can enter the break down entry which contains of information regarding plant stoppage time, Nature of problem & solution of problem, this information is very useful for future trouble shooting.

Rectification Entry

User can also enter the rectification entry against the break down entry.



Security Add-On (Optional)




Gate In-ward

User can maintain all information regarding items coming inward from gate of the factory. This functionality is completely linked with Purchase Order, sale return & inventory transfer screens, data which is very helpful for the security staff for cross checking with the PO items & sale return items. This add-on also has the ability to pick information from Item master data in case of Items arrival without any PO.

Gate Out-ward

User can maintain all information regarding items going out-ward from gate of the factory. This functionality is completely linked with Inventory transfer, Sale invoice & return screens data which is very helpful for the security staff for cross checking.


Abacus Payroll One Add-On (Optional)




Employee Profile Management

Employee profile management is used to manage employee’s personal and financial information, and also helps to manage all salary related items.

Employee Category & Scale Level management

Category and Scale level will help to manage employee’s category’s and scales attributes; such as salary breakup, Gratuity, Provident fund, and Allowances.


Leaves Management

Leaves management will help to define and assign leaves in current fiscal year. System has option to proportionate leaves count in next year.


Employee Deductions

Deduction definition is used to define types of deduction rules on POB / POG / Fixed.


Bonus definition and allocation to categories and employee’s both options help to perform activity in less efforts.

Arrears Allocation

Arrears allocation help to assign Arrears based on POB / POG/ Fixed to different scales / departments.

Employee Increments

Helps to assign increments to different categories or selected employees.


Loan / Advances Management

Different types of loans and advances can be defined. Option of instalment of loan / advances is available too.

Payroll G/L Account Determination

System is fully integrated with the Financial Module of SAP Business One, All entries will automatically post in the G/L once month is closed.

Cost Center based G/L determination

Payroll One provides flexible functionality of cost centre integration in which different cost centres can be allocated to different G/L Accounts of SAP Business One.

Income Tax

Different Income tax slabs can be defined and tax automatically deducted as per defined slabs.

Income Tax Adjustment

Income Tax adjustment provides functionality to cater income tax calculation (Full Deduction / Proportionate Calculation) when any employee’s tax slab changes on huge amount of bonus or increment.

Final Settlement

Final Settlement automatically applies in system once employee status is updated with resigned / terminated.

Re-Hiring of Employee

Employees can be re-hired in Payroll Module which are resigned / terminated.

Contract Alerts

If any contractual employee defined in the system, Payroll automatically generates alerts before contract end date of employee.

User Authorizations

User Authorizations can restrict each system user.

EOBI / Provident Fund

EOBI & Provident Fund is fully automated functionalities in system.


Abacus HRMS (Optional)





Menu Settings

       Organization Builder

       Company Master

       User Role

       Organization Report

       Branch Master

       Leave Master

       Designation Master

       Expanse Master

       Reason Master

       Shift Master

       Weekly off Pattern

       Attendance Rules

       Overtime Rules

       Skill Master

       Material Master

       Education Master

       Exit interview Question Answer


Employee Master

     Employee Master

     Employee Master integrated with SBO

     Leaves and Joiners Report

     Employees Attendance Report

     Employees Job Description

Leaves Management

     Shift Configuration Master

     Holiday Configuration

     Leave Configuration Master

     Weekly Off Configuration

     Automated Attendance

     Leave Application

     Overtime Rules


     Vacancy Requisition

     Vacancy Approval

     Candidate Search

     Candidate Information

     Interview Call

     Interview Evaluation

     Exit Interview Master

     Interview Status & Evaluation Report

     Interview Expanse Reimbursement Report

Performance Appraisal

      Appraisal Competence Master

      Appraisal Question Master

      Confirmation Appraisal Master

      Performance Period Configuration

      Performance Plan & Key Objective

      Monthly Activity & Performance Review

      Performance Appraisal

      Hold Appraisal


Insurance Master

       Insurance Details

       Insurance Process Report

       Insurance Claim Report

       Employees Relative Report



Faculty Master

      Program Details

      Training Application

      Training Application Approval

      Training Attendance


      Training Evaluation Master