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SAP For Large Enterprise
AbacusConsulting has been engaged in providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SAP implementation services for large enterprises around the region. Having forged strong alliances with leading providers of enterprise-wide applications, our strong in-house capabilities and alliance with SAP Malaysia enables us to leverage on a vast pool of SAP knowledge, tools and resource base. We maintain state of the art SAP training and support infrastructure in our offices country-wide. Our current SAP implementation services offering include:SAP for Large Enterprises - AbacusConsulting

•    ERP Fit Analysis & IT Strategy
•    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis
•    SAP enabled Process Re-engineering & Change Management
•    SAP Implementation, Development, Technical & Training Services
•    Post Implementation Services / Maintenance Support   

Modules We Offer
SAP Business Suite software provides best industry practices with industry-specific applications. The core modules of SAP Business Suite we offer are:
•    FI- Financial Accounting
•    CO -Controlling / Management Accounting
•    MM-Materials Management
•    SD- Sales and Distribution
•    PP-Production Planning
•    PM-Plant Maintenance
•    QM-Quality Management
•    PS- Project Systems
•    HCM-Human Capital Management
•    FM-Funds Management
•    TR-Treasury & Risk Management
•    IM-Investment Management
•    AIS-Audit Information System
•    WM-Warehouse Management
•    DMS-Document Management System
•    BI/BW-Business Intelligence & Business Warehouse
•    EP-Enterprise Portals SAP Mobile Solution
•    EHS-Environment, Health & Safety Management

Business Benefits
Numerous firms and businesses have gained benefits by implementing SAP Business Suite. A few of them are mentioned below.

Enhanced visibility, insight, and decision making
SAP Business Suite applications help you improve visibility into operations and provide a distinct version of business information which aids in decision making. By connecting operations with strategy, your company can create and align plans, budgets, and operational reports across organizations and for all business processes.

Improved efficiency across mission-critical processes
With extended end-to-end processes, SAP Business Suite applications can help you increase process integrity and increase business and IT efficiency. The applications encourage collaboration within and across company boundaries, so you can use supply chain and sales information from suppliers, distributors, retailers, and customers to improve operations.

Increased flexibility for innovation and expansion
SAP Business Suite applications are service-enabled. That means you can innovate and add functionality to the software as needed. Enhancement packages replace upgrades to help you innovate and expand without disrupting business. You can compose and design new processes, implement individual applications according to budget and scope, and integrate non-SAP solutions that address niche needs.

Proven, comprehensive support for a long-term competitive edge
SAP is committed to continually enhancing the applications in SAP Business Suite so that they remain the ideal choices for maintaining competitive agility, and attaining operational excellence for large and midsize organizations. Drawing on decades of SAP's real-world experiences across a wide range of industries, the applications can help you create a highly responsive enterprise that flexibly addresses new marketplace demands, satisfies your customer base, and maintains your competitive advantage over the long term.