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Enabling enterprise-wide automation benefits, residing within an open, extensible architecture designed for truly smart, highly scalable automation.

    Typically employees spend 10% to 20% of their time on repetitive tasks such as Documents and Records Management, Claims/Bookings/Invoice management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, and Information Technology processes — that is considered as prime-time waster by more than 13% busy workers. Globally, the forward-looking enterprises are focused towards optimized resource utilization to deliver required business outcomes. The objective is to enable smarter process across the business to enhance collaboration, reduce lead time and bring cost efficiency. This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes in; which is a USD 5,000Million market by 2020.
    Leveraging the Robotic Process Automation platform from UiPath — a world recognized leader in the RPA —AbacusConsulting works with the enterprises to design RPA strategy that helps them orchestrate processes that are unstructured in nature. Our RPA services eliminate human intervention from the mundane, uncreative tasks and let the robots deliver the value faster, accurately, every time!
    With our RPA services, enterprises can:
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    Automate a large variety of processes across diversified environments quickly and reliably
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    Bring improvement in business process and accelerate decision-making
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    Scale automation with agility and securely