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SAP Enterprise Support

Abacus Consulting has partnered with SAP to provide SAP Solutions implementation and SAP Academy services in Pakistan. We deliver a comprehensive range of SAP offerings to ensure optimum planning, deployment, and operation through every phase of implementation life cycle. From expert guidance to complete execution, our SAP services combine the expertise, tools and methodologies to accelerate implementations, transfer knowledge and continuously improve businesses. We are the business transformation partner of choice for many leading companies in Pakistan and globally.

What’s Inside SAP Enterprise Support?

Abacus & SAP are committed to providing you the very best in customer support. The proactive maintenance offering from Partner & SAP, SAP® Enterprise Support services, helps you optimize business processes,

Minimize risks, accelerate innovation, and manage the lifecycles of your applications, AbacusConsulting along with SAP Active Global Support organization have developed a unique set of tools, processes, and services to help you leverage SAP Enterprise Support to run your software better. SAP Enterprise Support strives to help you to implement better, operate better, and innovate better through:

  • Continuous business improvement and innovation – Providing access to the latest SAP software and legal changes
  • Abacus support backbone – Facilitating support activities to our customers
  • Tools, methodologies and content – Supporting efficient implementation and management of your IT solution

Flexible solutions for your business needs

SAP Enterprise Support offers the best services, tools and guidance at each step on your implementation project.

  • Assistance with SAP Solution Manager Functionality implementation.
  • Analyze the impact on your business processes and the technical aspect of the implementation project.
  • Make sure all technical risks have been proactively identified.
  • Analyze the performance of the critical core business processes.
  • Analyze the critical integration points in the critical core processes.
  • Avoid unnecessary modifications.

Support Process... In 5 Simple Steps

1. A Ticket is Raised 2. Initial Response 3. Work Initiated 4. Work Confirmed 5. Ticket Closed

A ticket is raised by our customer and sent to our dedicated Abacus Support Manager

Abacus Support Manager-categorizes it and routes it to the relevant track

Our Experienced SAP Resources Analyze the request and provide a realistic estimate

On confirmation work is initiated and completed as estimated

Our Support Manager confirms completion

Your Support Managers refers back to the users who initiated the ticket

If ok a written confirmation is provided to Abacus

The ticket Is formally closed

The SAP Enterprise Support Advantage

  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Application lifecycle management
  • SAP Technical Quality Checks and Improvement Services

Technical Support

  • Complete Net weaver
  • Net weaver ABAP Reporting
  • Standalone ABAP Applications
  • SAP System Enhancements
  • SAP Business Workflows
  • 3rd Party Interfacing

Functional Support

  • All Core ECC Modules including FI/CO/HCM/PS/MM/SD/PP/PM /QM/WM
  • CRM/BW/BI/Business objects/FICA
  • Specialized support for Utilities including SAP IS for Utilities & SAP IS DFPS for Defense

SAP Solution Manager Incident Management System