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A Roadmap for the Future
As a Fast Growth Company, you require a technology partner who delivers on your needs today and has the capacity to support your needs as you evolve into a larger and more complex organization. As your company grows, so will the needs you have from your enterprise system. At AbacusConsulting, we believe that today’s Fast Growth Company is tomorrow’s industry leader and for that reason we aim to be your long-term ERP partner.

After SAP Business One has been successfully deployed, over the medium term, larger and more complex requirements will emerge as your organization evolves. To support these requirements, we offer solution extensions which can help you cope with new business processes as they emerge.

In the long run, when your transformation to a large enterprise is complete, you will require best-in-class ERP systems to platform your organization. AbacusConsulting is also a leading regional partner of SAP for their Enterprise and Industry Specific solutions having done large scale deployments in many economic sectors. As partners, we can assist you in migrating to large systems and also help you manage these from there on.

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