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Simple and Rapid Deployment
AbacusConsulting makes use of a simple and proven SAP Implementation Methodology. The figure below depicts a simple five-step implementation process which we follow in all our projects.

The Blueprint phase is an important part of the implementation cycle. During this, we establish a thorough understanding of the organizational requirements. This is done through interacting with people across departments and also by bringing into context our company’s knowledge of and experience in completing similar projects. We then prepare the Business Blueprint Document (or simply “The Blueprint”). The Blueprint provides an overview of the future shape of the company, and once agreed, we begin realization stage of the SAP system.

Furthermore, we have a special emphasis on end-user training in our methodology. During the Blueprint stage, we document the training requirements and then during the Final Preparation stage we conduct planned training. We also build-in a period of post Go-Live Support and to assist your organization in addressing user issues in the immediate period after going live. Our aim is to transfer knowledge effectively so that end-users are independent as quickly as possible after go-live.

To learn more about the A SAP Business One methodology, please contact us.