Abacus wins pre-launch market study of phase 3 luxury villas for Defence Raya

Abacus was mandated by Defence Raya Golf and Country Club to perform pre-launch study of Phase III Luxury Villas. Defence Raya is a joint venture between DHA Lahore and Bandar Raya Developments Berhad (“BRDB”) International Malaysia. The project is first of its kind integrated township comprising of a golf resort, gated housing community and various commercial projects

The study was successfully delivered in June 2014. It was qualitative in nature and geared towards assessing demand for luxury villas. Exploratory interviews were conducted to assess motivation, interests, limitations, views and opinions of key stakeholders in the subsector. Additionally, desktop research based on secondary sources like published reports and statistics was employed to obtain insights. Conclusion and recommendations were based on the detailed research and analysis.