AbacusConsulting's strategic win with USAID ( FATA Secretariat Support Project)

AbacusConsulting won FATA Secretariat Support Project - a multiyear, multidisciplinary and multimillion dollar project funded by USAID. Under this project, Abacusconsulting will be responsible for conducting trainings, workshops, conference organization as well as hosting and developing media content for broadcasting. AbacusConsulting will also be responsible for consolidating the interventions already  taken under the Phase 1 of this program.

The project is aimed at strengthening the ability of FATA Secretariat (FS) to deliver essential government services in FATA. This will be achieved by improving the human and technical capacity of the FATA institutions, improving accountability and monitoring mechanisms, improving state responsiveness and supporting FATA institutions in communicating effectively with its citizens that it serves and beyond.

Program will focus on assisting FATA Secretariat in strengthening core public administration functions including fiscal management, HR management and administration, communications, development planning, procurements, information technology and technical skills. In addition, the project will also support FATA Secretariat in introducing new and innovative approaches (like public-private partnership) for improving service delivery in FATA.