Outsourcing facilitation to Fauji Fertilizer provided by AbacusConsulting

AbacusConsulting is providing outsource facilitation to Fauji Fertilizer Limited (FFC) for support and optimization of processes.

Both companies have entered into an outsourcing of resources agreement whereby Abacus Consulting will outsource resources in areas of plant maintenance, financial accounting/controlling and supply chain. These resources will assist FFC's competence center in help desk support and optimization of processes.

The implementation of Business Process Consolidation (BPC), Employee and Manager's Self Service kicked off in August 2011. This is the first BPC implementation in Pakistan by Abacus Consulting, which will enable Fauji Fertilizer to consolidate its corporate financial planning and budgeting besides monitoring of key performance indicators.

In addition, the Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service(MSS) of Abacus Consulting will enable FFC online and integrated employee appraisals, approve travel and leave requests in a user friendly environment.