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Financial Services
Financial markets have undergone a radical change over the last decade, responding to the ever changing economic and regulatory environment. Banks, securities, insurance and leasing companies need to focus more and more on their strategies, business models and quality of financial products and services in order to gain competitive advantage against other players. Also, to be able to remain afloat and fight back, they need to better understand market dynamics and the changing consumer needs; technological advances and the required human expertise; available alternatives and the knowledge to discern between options.  Global events since the recent financial meltdown has had its impact on Pakistan’s economy and the local capital markets need to respond to all kinds of stimuli every day, whether arising from overseas events or local factors.  Given the difficult times around the globe, the financial sector of Pakistan has shown remarkable resilience and holds enormous potential for further growth.

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Financial Services

Banks, Insurance, Leasing Companies, Investment & Services, Investment Advisory

Real Estate

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Management Consulting, Technical & Engineering Advice, Planning & Architecture, Other Consulting & Advisory