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The energy and utilities industry is one of Pakistan’s key economic divisions and has received massive attention from the public and private sectors. Recently however, the sector has come under scrutiny for falling short in its efforts to bridge the gap between the national demand and supply. That combined with the challenges of shortages in skill, expertise, cost pressures and the need to present a unique window of opportunity.

Noteworthy here are two things; first that there is massive potential for growth and profit where energy is concerned in Pakistan, and second that Pakistan is sitting on one of the largest coal reserves in the world. The sector, thus, promises a substantial potential for growth and profit.

Sector Sub Sector

Exploration and Production

Oil, Gas, Integrated



Plant and Equipment

Pipelines, Refinery Equipment, Renewable Energy Equipment, Other Energy Plant & Equipment

Alternative Energy

Renewable Energy Producers, Alternative Fuels

Power Producers

State Owned Entities, Private Power Producers


Power Transmission & Distribution, Gas Transmission & Distribution, Water, Multiutilities/ Integrated Utilities


Oil Marketing Companies