Offering intelligent solutions to a diverse client portfolio across various specializations

Talent Management and Development
Hiring the correct person for a job is one thing, making sure the new employee is deployed at the most suitable and best possible position is completely a different one. For this very purpose AbacusConsulting provides companies with a detailed analysis on where to assign a particular employee, manage their skill set in the most effective manner, check their performance and growth level, and ensure that they remain a valuable asset.Talent Management and Development - AbacusConsulting

Position Analysis
Position analysis is a fundamental step towards ensuring appropriate job assignment. With our standardized approach we conduct position analysis exercise for each client according to their business needs and deliver the Position Descriptions and Person Specifications. Position Description is a logical reasoning for defining the purposes, objectives, roles, and responsibilities of various positions in the organization. Person Specifications elaborates on defining skills, knowledge and abilities/behaviors required from a role.

Position Evaluation
Our point factor based Job Evaluation services assist organizations to determine the relative value of jobs and bring internal equity and external competitiveness. Job evaluation has become a very useful methodology for determining job complexity, size, value, and effective Comp & Ben structuring. The Mercer International Position Evaluation ™ (IPE) tool is utilized by our experts to evaluate positions across the board, using a global standard to benchmark position titles against specific companies, industries and the overall market.

Competency Model and Profiling
Competency Model and Job Profiling process is an efficient, positive opportunity for an organization to identify their competencies and skills that truly are critical to their success. Our competency framework not only provides the details for specific competencies in terms of Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs) but also serves as a career progression tool for our clients. We also provide customized solutions for our clients which include competency directory, assessment mechanism and implementation framework.            

Human Resource Policies and Procedures Development
We work with our clients to help them develop HR policies and procedures that comply with legislation and suitably reflect their business needs keeping in view the best HR practices.

Performance Management
Our performance management services help clients in fostering and rewarding excellent performance. Effective performance management aligns the efforts of employees with organizational goals, promotes consistency in performance evaluation and helps employees perform at their best. Moving away from the conventional appraisal forms/system, we assist companies in designing a performance management system which objectively and transparently interlinks targets, competencies, accountabilities, actual performance, variable compensation and overall organization development.

Capacity Building (TNA)
At AbacusConsulting , Capacity Building is much more than training and we believe in equipping the individuals with the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training that enables them to perform effectively. We focus on strengthening the management structures, processes and procedures, not only within organizations but also the management of relationships between the different organizations and sectors in order to facilitate the Change Process towards success.

Succession Management
Our Succession Management services help clients in making provisions for the development, replacement and strategic application of key resources over time. It ensures continuing leadership by cultivating talent from within the organization through planned development activities.

The process spans over the following four phases:

Phase 1: Identify Key/Critical Positions

Phase 2: Conduct Position Analysis

Phase 3: Develop Succession Plan

Phase 4: Monitor, Evaluate, Revise