Offering intelligent solutions to a diverse client portfolio across various specializations

Strategy Consulting
It is our understanding that developing and implementing an appropriate strategy is essential if you expect to expand your business, increase your profits, and turn a loss-making unit around. At AbacusConsulting, strategy advisors work closely with corporate finance consultants to devise the best and most appropriate strategy for you. Startegy Consulting - AbacusConsulting

Some of our key services here include:

Strategic Business Planning
Corporate and Operational Strategy
We understand how companies usually struggle with their strategic business planning processes. The key is to balance short-term gains with longer term strategic goals. Conversely they might have difficulty in building the capabilities required to execute the strategies formulated. AbacusConsulting through its Strategic Business Planning competencies can help businesses in strengthening their strategy development processes, enhance overall strategic decision-making, and improve execution of the developed strategies. We value the importance of developing tailored solutions to organization specific issues or facilitating redesigning organizational approach to strategic business planning for our clients.

Marketing Strategy
We at AbacusConsulting understand the importance of developing and maintaining a fit between organizational objectives, skills, and resources with the available market opportunities. We believe that at the heart of a viable marketing strategy is shaping the organization’s business and products so that they yield targeted profit growth. Whether this be a launch of a new product or a service, we help in ascertaining the target market, the optimal channel for creating greatest awareness amongst the identified target market, optimal pricing as well as ideal timeline for launch. We also facilitate in the development of an apt communications strategy (including the organization’s communication plan) along with the most suited market positioning for the product/service. 

Privatization & Public-Private Partnership Advisory
Successive Pakistan governments have made privatization a cornerstone of their economic agenda since opening up to the idea in 1991. Recently this has morphed into a public-private partnership (PPP) mode, which implies that the government retains a significant share in the state-owned entity rather than the outright divestment of majority share and management control which is a key characteristic of privatization. 

Our service offerings under this head include:

Sell-Side Advisory
We offer the whole range of privatization advisory services to Government agencies and International Financial Institutions in this section, from conducting (financial, accounting, operational, market due diligence) due diligences to offering transaction advisory, regulatory support and compliance and coordination services  

Buy-Side Advisory
Our offerings to potential investors interested in projects being privatized include a wide range of services including target company due diligence (financial, accounting, operational, market due diligence), Financial modeling and Valuation Studies, Transaction support in corporate, regulatory and taxation matters, Regulatory compliance and coordination services (tariff petition, licenses etc) and Negotiation support

Advice on PPP Initiatives
In line with the global trend towards structuring public service projects with the participation of both public as well as the private sector, the federal and provincial governments in Pakistan are also increasing focus towards this development mode.  The key here is to find just the right mix of government’s involvement and the private sector’s contribution so that the project can be optimized at all fronts i.e. for the government, the private entity and the all-important consumer.

Regulation and Compliance
Mapping changes in regulation is an important component of what we do within the Strategic Planning and Advice component of our consulting services. We understand that whilst regulation can potentially expose businesses to risk, they can also create new opportunities through government subsidies as well as relaxation in taxation regimes among others. A thorough and quantified assessment of the value at stake from these risks and opportunities—over both the short and long term—is thus critical in order for businesses to operate. With a sizeable resource pool well-versed with government regulation and the necessary compliance mechanisms, we help our clients quickly identify and understand the key regulatory issues that may affect their industry, leveraging in-depth understanding of the profit pools in the industry as well as unique insights into the mechanisms that government and regulators might consider implementing in their sector.

We offer a research service capable of being carried out at various levels of sophistication depending on your business requirements.  We recognize that good research starts with good design and ends in answers to key business questions.  It provides not just ‘information’ but ‘insight’. Research projects are planned to provide organized data that can be conveniently analyzed, correctly interpreted and appropriately synthesized into practical, useful and beneficial conclusions for the client.  Services offered under this area include:

Sectoral Studies
A clear understanding of a sector is necessary before you enter it with your product, whether it is a consumer product, an industrial product or a service; whether you enter as a manufacturer, a marketer a vendor or even a sourcing entity. Accordingly if you want such a sectoral study to be carried out, AbacusConsulting can help you out.

Target Company Evaluation
Before you decide to acquire a company, or agree to merge into one you need to carry out a detailed due diligence of the other company.  In addition to the corporate, statutory, financial, market and organizational evaluation, it is also critical to find the strategic fit of the organization with your own. If you are contemplating such initiatives, AbacusConsulting can be of you assistance.

Investor Identification and Selection
Identifying potential investors, screening them and attracting the targeted investors towards your project form the first few steps for investor marketing.  Clearly, a larger pool of investors implies a greater selection choice, and a higher probability of a successful deal.  Once, a long-list of potential strategic or financial investors is developed, you need to screen it through evaluation criteria and benchmarks to arrive at a short-list of target investors.  These target investors may be pursued further to explore opportunities for a final deal.  Identification and quantification of potential synergies would need to be carried out before the final decision may be taken.  If you are looking to market a transaction and identifying potential investors, AbacusConsulting can be your partner of choice.