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Mid-Market ERP Add-ons to SAP Business One
Our Solution Management is responsible:
•    To " verticalize " SAP solutions for SMB Companies
•    Work industry by industry
•    Design a "solution requirements landscape" for each vertical
•    Evaluate the set of available Add-On products which service the landscape of Mid-Market ERP.
•    Select a complete "Mid-Market ERP Vertical Solution" for each vertical.
Following are the add-ons offered by AbacusConsulting:

Key Features of iVend Retail Management Suite
•    Easy to implement application suite
•    Efficient store operations
•    Improve sales experience
•    More personalized service
•    Speeds up checkout time
•    Increases business competitiveness
•    Easier track of inventory and re-ordering
•    Applies to a wide range of retail businesses
•    Setup and maintain a database of all the users in the company
•    Replication of in-store transactions and information to the Head office
•    Ease of deployment through wizards reduces the overall solution maintenance costs
•    Centralized view at iVend POS allows effective inventory management
•    Setup Product database for standard, serialized, batch managed, kit, assembly and non-inventory items
•    Create and track the cash being disbursed and collected from each POS from the start till end of each day

Key Features of CMS (Cane Management Solution)
•    Fully integrated with SAP Business One
•    ACMS work in Offline Mode, Even if network
•    Connection breaks.
•    Data Replication Utility transfers each transaction to
•    SAP Server automatically even if connection with
•    SAP Server not found.
•    Automated email alerts of replication of data.
•    Camera controls of Weight Bridge processing, and
•    Image of vehicle on CPR.
•    User based access rights.
•    Flexible Wizards to process multiple CPRs, and
•    payments
•    Grower's Family Head receiving and payment
•    Control.
•    Rates, Allowances, Deductions controls based on
•    General, District, Tehsil, Deh, Center and Grower.
•    Subsidies, Bindings controls.

CMS Modules
•    Survey Management
•    Rate Management
•    Verities, Allowances, Deduction Management General,
•    District, Tehsil, Deh, Center & Grower Wise.
•    TPT Management (Work Order, Vehicle Registration)
•    TPT Rates Management
•    Violation & Cane Sampling
•    Indent Wizard and Management
•    Raw Slip Book Issuance
•    Token Generation
•    Weightment ( 1st & 2nd)
•    CPR Management
•    Loans & Advance Issuance
•    Grower Payment Stop
•    Outgoing Payments
•    Payment Advice Wizard
•    Grower, Contractor Master

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Obaid Iqbal
Territory Sales Manager (SAP Business One)
Mobile: 0344 444 0828