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The utilities sector in Pakistan is undergoing major transformations on a vast scale. At one end the sector is trying to keep up with the ever changing requirements of the regulatory authorities, while at the other end efforts are being made to stay up to date with the increasing customer demand and the advancements in the field of information technology.

At present, the IT landscape in the utilities sector is very shallow, limiting to the COBOL based billing solution being used by all the major DISCOs. There are other dissimilar applications in the areas of Supply Chain, HR, etc as well, but these continue to be non-integrated and do not provide holistic information visibility to all the concerned stakeholders. The result is an “information silos” or “islands of information” thus making information processing cumbersome and very time consuming.

The answer to all these problems is SAP’s IS – U (Industry Solution for Utilities). The software covers the whole spectrum and the entire length and breadth of operations pertaining to the entire value chain of utilities. In the shape of IS – U, SAP offers a one stop solution that covers the entire back and front office processes of a utility company. Its natural integration allows smooth and real time information sharing and processing amongst various stakeholders while on the other hand, its open product architecture allows bolt-on with other utility specific applications such as smart meters infrastructure, GIS, Call Center Ops and DMS (Distribution Management System). With 24% market share and all the major utilities round the world, SAP IS- U becomes the natural choice for any utility that wants to improve its bottom line without compromising the aspects of customer services.

In order to address these challenges and leveraging on our strategic alliance with SAP, SISU practice area has been created to meet these unique and challenging demands of utility companies. We have a huge pool of SAP IS-U trained professionals, backed by a very strong knowledge base of utility specific processes and the related pain points and issues that haunt a utility company. This makes SISU the largest pool of seasoned and cost effective resources that specialize in all the related components and modules of SAP IS-U solution. Our historic experience of working with the major utilities round the world makes it the most formidable force to reckon with, something that can hit the ground running and deliver complex, multifarious projects within time and limited budget.

Services Offered by SISU
Within the ambit of SISU we offer the following lines of services for our esteemed clients:

  • Complete BPR (Business Process Engineering) involving As-Is Analysis, Gap Analysis and definition of To-Be State based on utility specific best practices.
  • Implementation of SAP IS-U solution covering Meter Reading Ops, Billing and Invoicing, Customer Financials Management, Grid Asset and Equipment Management, Energy Data Management.
  • Project Management and supervisory services for SAP IS-U implementation projects.
  • Integration of SAP IS-U with ERP, Smart Meters, GIS, using process integrators.
  • Integration of SA IS-U with customer care and call center solutions.
  • Data cleansing and normalization.
  • Cutover planning and simulations.
  • ROI studies and analysis.