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mTopUp lets end customers their own or any other mobile phone, transfer money at home and cross-border. It also enables consumers to do highly secure online shopping, pay at the POS, pay bills and execute bank services from their mobile phone.

The mobile TopUp business opportunities cover three complementary propositions:

Mobilising Payments
Simplify subscribers’ mobile commerce lifestyle at any merchant point and with any peer relation by creating and supporting open mobile payment standard.

Mobilising TopUp
Optimize distribution cost and transparency for virtual goods such as airtime or credits and convenient topup mechanisms via any channel.

Mobilising Marketing
Interact with subscribers with greater efficiency and effectiveness via any mobile channel managing the user experience along the entire customer development lifecycle.

Key Features
Enables the purchase of airtime anytime, anywhere
End customers want to further simplify their existing commercial, banking and payment habits and get instant access to buy credits such as airtime in whatever denomination they can afford whenever they can afford it.

Enables MNOs to address a wider range of target customers 
Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are honing in on the opportunity to sell prepaid services and airtime, especially into lower income segments. Prepaid micro credit is traditionally dominant in emerging mobile markets. But it has also rapidly gained popularity in highly penetrated mobile markets. To capture customers in these markets and address customer needs with services, MNOs require a low cost, rapid entry solution with a high security level.

Enables MVNOs to create new topup propositions 
Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) seek the same advantages as MNOs. Additionally MVNOs need to distinguish themselves by offering their customers unique services to gain competitive advantage. Both MVNOs and MNOs want to maximize their margins on prepaid services through process cost reduction and wide distribution networks.

Reduce distribution costs 
Distributors of scratch card vouchers are looking to generate profits in alternative markets to traditional retail. They need reduced distribution costs, high profit margins as well as fraud and risk limitation. Distributors require new sales channels reaching new target customers for micro credit and services.