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Integrated Healthcare system for Physician office
The iHelix MD Practice Management System provides modules for patient accounting, patient management, and a sophisticated EMR for patient care documentation. Our iHelix MD suite of applications seamlessly integrates the administrative, financial, and clinical system needs of physician practices and clinics. Like our iHelix Hospital system, the iHelix MD product suite is available in two different delivery models - in-house server or web-based ASP. Again, this allows our physician clients to choose the model that best suits their specific needs. Because iHelix MD can be automatically integrated with the iHelix Hospital system, patient Information and common data can be easily shared among healthcare providers and facilities.

Sajix iHelix provides an integrated suite of solutions for physician practices and clinics. These modules provide complete functionality for patient management and patient care documentation. These modules can be integrated with the Sajix iHelix Hospital System.

Physician Practice Management
Sajix provides a complete system for managing the administrative and financial aspects of a physician's practice, including patient care documentation, patient accounting and billing services, patient portal, electronic claims processing and practice financial reporting to track the practice's financial performance. The system also provides online, point of service payment capabilities to speed and increase collections.

Electronic Medical Record
The Sajix iHelix EMR helps physicians electronically document patient encounters. The EMR allows doctors to document a patient's visit at the time care is provided, automating the tasks associated with charting patient exams and assessments, resulting in a complete, secure electronic medical record.

Simplifies the process of scheduling patients, tracking patients, generating recall/reminder notices and managing resources across the entire practice.

Electronic Eligibility Verification
Lets you verify a patient's insurance eligibility during the admissions process.

Patient Care Guidelines
Aids caregivers in determining the necessary healthcare procedures for patients based on their age, sex, and/or diagnosis, ensuring patients receive consistent preventative care for routine wellness and chronic illness treatment.

Patient Portal            
Sajix healthcare portal allows patients to access a secure, personalized healthcare portal from anywhere with computer access and view their lab results, access current health records, view/update appointments and schedules, refill prescriptions, examine current and past statements, receive lab result interpretations, efficiently share healthcare documentation, manage referrals, and receive and reply to notes , all from their own personal computer

Physician Portal
The Sajix physician portal allows doctors to review patient tests (lab, x-ray, pathology results, etc.) without opening multiple EMR records, approve and write prescriptions, access educational news, investigate procedures and communicate via email