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Clinical System
Sajix iHelix Integrated Suite of Clinical Information Modules provides hospitals with solutions that help clinical departments by automating administrative and clinical documentation tasks. This enables clinicians to focus on providing quality patient care instead of spending time managing patient data. The flexible modules allow customization to meet the needs of physicians, nurses, and other care providers. The iHelix modules promote compliance with a facility's best practices and improve patient safety.

Electronic Medical Record - Sajix Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the central repository for all of the patients' information. The EMR provides caregivers - nurses, physicians, and other allied health professionals - a comprehensive view of patient information including, demographic, historical and clinical information. Information from all care settings within a healthcare system - physician’s offices, clinics, hospitals, home health practices and long-term care is stored and available through the patient's electronic medical record. The EMR ensures that treatment decisions are based on the most up-to-date information and that care is coordinated between multiple care providers.

Order/Entry - Improves order communication between departments and/ or care settings. Clinicians can enter orders, edit placed orders and view order status for all patient types, using department specific ordering and charging menus.

Pharmacy - Helps pharmacists manage all aspects of medication verification and dispensing, including e-prescribing, coordinating orders, interaction checking, administration and charging. Integrated with the patient's electronic medical record, pharmacists have access to the patient information they require with an up-to-date view of the patient's current and past medication record.

Laboratory - Automates all lab department activities, enabling users to receive, track and process orders, report results and ensure quality control. Interfaces with laboratory instruments to further streamline the process of collecting test data within the lab. The results are saved in the patient's iHelix EMR.

Radiology - Automates the everyday activities within a radiology department, including processing orders, image management and tracking, generating department reports and automating charging. Using the Sajix EMR, the module facilitates efficient communication between radiologists, technicians, nurses and physicians.

Popular Inpatient Clinical features include:
   Nursing & Ancillary Documentation
    Operating Room Management
    Inventory & Financial
    Vaccine Management
Popular Outpatient Clinical features include:

    Customizable practice dashboard
    Event-driven workflows
   Secure network messaging
    Disease management protocols and immunization monitoring
   Easy integration with RIS/PACS and Laboratory systems