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Key Features
The SBO Mobilizer has the following distinct features.

On the Fly forms generation
Administrator can define master detail mobile forms from superset of your ERP document’s fields and UDFs. Forms are generated on the fly including all master data and business rules hence providing flexibility to the administrator to change form definitions any time or define as many forms as needed.

Offline data storage
Users can use the application while in the disconnected state.

Reliable Data synchronization
Our reliable synchronization technology sends and receives changes, rather than sending complete dataset, and manages the data conflicts during network failures.

Enhanced Data filtering
System administrator is provided with the functionality to apply user specific filters, and joins on master data to ensure transmissions of only relevant date due to limited storage space on mobile devices.

Enhanced user administration
Allows you to define mobile users, map them with your ERP, sales, employees, and warehouse, and grant them restricted access of forms and filtered master data.

Improved customer response
Enables service and sales representatives to access information from your ERP at customer site. With the latest information at their fingertips, employees can respond immediately to customers and capture information more rapidly and accurately.

Improved accuracy
There is higher quality of information and improved accountability as documents are posted by originators of information.

Improved operational efficiency
Operational efficiency increases due to elimination of bulky route books, and automation of file records, site reports and documents, and sales and services data, enabling the enterprises to service more accounts.

Access to Real-time information
Field workers are able to access and send crucial or just-in-time information via any handheld device using the latest wireless technology such as WiFi or GPRS. Employees can post any ERP document in real time, delivering the crucial information needed to improve supply-chain management and overall transparency.