Providing cost-effective, flexible and scalable
one-stop solutions to clients, and helping ensure competitive advantage through the power of outsourcing

Executive Leasing Services
Abacus is one of the most distinguished service providers of executive leasing solutions to the corporate and public sector. Our firm has access to and employs a selected group of people at senior, middle, lower management and executive levels to service our clients' ‘limited time’ skills requirements.

We assist enterprises who may be in need of specialist help or who need someone to fill a gap for a set period or purpose, this might be to:

• Cover for a Term of Absence (Unexpected or Planned)
• Plan and Implement Strategic Initiatives
• Manage an Area while a Permanent Replacement is Recruited
• Act as a Facilitator of Change or as a Change Manager

Functional Activities
We represent expertise across most industrial sectors and cover all functional activities such as:

• General Management
• Finance
• Training
• Human Resource
• Information Technology
• Marketing
• Accounts
• Supply Chain