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Outbound Contact Center Services
Our Outbound Contact Center representatives are part of a close-knit team of well-trained and experienced professionals. It is their task to help increase client's sales, conduct surveys, collections, test new markets, follow up, clean databases, build relationships and ultimately boost the client's business.

We are experts at making Outbound Calls on the client's behalf, enabling them to achieve profitable and long term relationships with customers. We are always sensitive to our client's needs as they are looking for ways to get more value from their providers. Before commencing work on a new project, we undertake an in-depth study and analysis of the client's existing business function. On the basis of this analysis, we work out a most comprehensive solution at a highly reasonable pricing package. We will then implement a strategy that satisfies the client's requirements and sets in place a tangible tool to measure success. This enables our clients to have services that are of industry standard coupled with 33% to 50% cost savings, giving them adequate time and peace of mind to concentrate on their core business functions.

With years of Direct Marketing and Outbound Calling experience, our philosophy is to test, test and test again. Getting it right is equally important to us as it is to our clients. Our success is judged by our demonstrated performance and results.

Our Outbound Contact Center services incorporate predictive dialer, voice recording and live listening.

We offer complete Outbound services to our valued clients including:

Conducting surveys
Testing new markets
Follow ups
Cleaning databases

We provide telemarketing service, both Inbound and Outbound to help generate leads and increase sales, conduct polls and surveys, schedule appointments and reservations, and other business needs of our customers. Adaptable scripting software makes it easy for us to get the right message to your customers every time.

Outbound sales follow up and customer satisfaction surveys, next sell, cross sell and up sell programs to existing customer base. AbacusConsulting BPO will deliver your Outbound or Inbound telemarketing program with accuracy and efficiency.

Order Processing / Fulfillment
Save time and money required to handle order taking and fulfillment by letting our staff handle those tasks for you. Whether yours is a small business going through growth periods, or a larger operation needing help with after hours or overload order processing, Abacus can provide a comprehensive solution to your individual needs. Call today to see how we can save your time and money, and offer your customers top quality customer care.

Program Setup
Perhaps the secret to our effectiveness in this area is the vigor of the program setup phase. Here, a senior marketing consultant starts by designing the entire campaign:

•   Conducting data-gathering sessions with the client's team
•   Identifying target accounts and/or types of companies to be contacted
•   Selecting the individuals to be contacted based on title and / or function
•   Determining the list of potential needs of the target audience
•   Mapping these needs to the relevant benefits of the client's products and services
•   Selecting the hot buttons that will be used in the campaign, based on research and/or comprehensive data gathering with the client's team
•   Working with the client to define what constitutes a qualified lead for the program
•   Working out the information needed to profile and qualify the account and the individual prospect
•   Writing the tele-contact script
•   Arranging and conducting meetings to review the script and lead definition
•   Documenting all meetings and providing final versions of these documents
•   Training the tele-contact team on the script and lead definition, as well on the products and services being sold
•   Conducting offline drilling / role-playing of the tele-contact script
•   Testing the script for full workability and making any revisions needed

It is through this consulting-based methodology that we are able to perfect the telemarketing approach. This ensures the highest possible “Hit-Rate” with every call we place.

We are experts at making Outbound Calls on behalf of our clients, enabling them to achieve profitable and long term relationship with their customers. We are always sensitive to our clients needs as they are looking for ways to get more value from their providers.