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The ideal welfare government seeks to take the maximum burden of development on its shoulders and aims to provide its people with security and amenities that enhance their quality of life. Government - AbacusConsultingThe governments today bear more responsibility than ever before as they need to ensure and manage macro-economic growth and development, and guarantee social welfare, while at the same time be responsible for the more conventional duties such as defense, foreign affairs, internal security etc.  An efficient management of these areas and success at all these fronts require expertise, capital, a workable plan and at times partnership with the private sector.  The opportunities are numerous and waiting to be seized.

Sector Sub Sector

Public Administration

Federal Ministries, Depts & Agencies, Provincial Ministries, Depts & Agencies

Social Development

Poverty Alleviation, Law & Justice, Minority & Women Development


Army, Air force, Navy


Railway, Roads, Shipping & Ports, Postal Services, Other Government Projects