Abacus and Mercer held TRS 2015 Pre-Survey Meeting

AbacusConsulting in collaboration with Mercer, organized theTRS-2015 pre-survey sessions to commence the initial phase of the annual All Industry Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) in Pakistan. The event was held in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

The survey would present a comprehensive remuneration analysis on a large number of unique positions and would allow the participants to customize their comparisons based on a select group of companies. With the TRS findings, companies would be able to calibrate their own rewards not only to increase retention but to attract the best talent. Companies will also be able to get local and global benchmarks in more than 120 different markets and receive all industry or industry specific results.

This year’s pre-survey meeting was attended by delegates from a number of participating companies. This meeting provided an opportunity to the participant companies to familiarize with the methodology of data collection and the tools used for this purpose. Companies were presented with a plan of action of how the survey would be conducted and what exactly will we achieve through it.

Going forward, Abacus in correspondence with Mercer, will continue to offer winning talent solutions including workforce management and change management.