Public Financial Management project win for Abacus

AbacusConsulting as part of the consortium led by Oxford Policy Management (OPM) has successfully won another strategic project to provide technical assistance for Public Financial Management Programme (PFM-SPP) in the Federal and Sindh governments. The project is funded by the European Commission and the duration of the project is five years.

The primary objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of public financial administration and to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in the utilization of government budget resources in order to deliver better public services and reduce the impact of poverty and social inequality. Abacus would provide technical assistance in the implementation of a comprehensive public finance management reform process in Sindh province, and also provide inputs on the consolidation of a Medium Term Budgetary Framework process and the design of an overarching and comprehensive PFM reform strategy.

Mr. Ayub Khan, Director Performance and Development Management Abacus, and his team significantly contributed in winning this project.