Abacus wins EU funded ‘Sindh Education Sector Support Program’ (SESSP)>

Abacus has won the European Union (EU) funded project to provide Technical Assistance under the ‘Sindh Education Sector Support Program’ (SESSP) with the objective of promoting quality and access in Primary and Secondary Education to achieve the education related MDGs in the Province of Sindh.

Under this project, Abacus will support the Sindh Government and take part in capacity building activities to develop sector policy and strategic plans. The team will work on implementing school consolidation plans, enhancing M&E system, improving sector's medium term fiscal planning, developing procurement systems and performance based monitoring, and establishing donor coordination. Abacus has secured a strategic role in leading the PFM and Procurement Components of the Project, and will aim to provide technical assistance to the Sindh Education Sector in designing and implementing these components in consultation with the Government and EU.