Highly specialized competencies developed through delivering customized solutions to a wide spectrum of industries

Consumer Services
As the economy continues to open up and modernize, and the burgeoning middle class consumes more and more, the need to offer improved and increased services is on the rise. The younger generation which constitutes a major part of the demographics of the country demands better experiences in terms of education, health services, travel, leisure, entertainment etc. The media is increasingly becoming one of the largest industries and a widely popular profession in the country. On the other hand, the retail and wholesale businesses, with the help of established foreign chains also continue to dominate the landscape.

Sector Sub Sector


Broadcasting & Entertainment, Media Agencies, Publishing

Travel & Leisure

Airlines, Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants & Bars, Amusement Parks & Recreational Services, Other Travel & Tourism Services

Education & Training

Academic Institutes, Training & Coaching

Healthcare Services

Healthcare Service Providers, Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies

Retail & Wholesale

Supermarkets & Drugstores, Apparel, Broadline/ General Retailers