Abacus Sponsors Mobile Commerce Conference 2013

Abacus Sponsors Mobile Commerce Conference- 2013Abacus sponsored the 6th International Mobile Commerce Conference 2013 in collaboration with its technology partner SAP. The conference and exhibition, which took place in Karachi Sheraton on March 14, 2013, showcased end-to-end solutions for Mobile and Branchless Banking which are being implemented in developed and emerging markets alike.  

Tarik Husain, Senior Director of mCommerce for SAP, voiced his opinions with the press. “We are delighted not only in seeing the proliferation of mobile banking in Pakistan, but in witnessing how it continues to help change and improve the lives of many by empowering them to use financial services for the first time via their own mobile devices or retail agent in their vicinity. As a result, the increased mobile financial services activities in the country can help further fuel the economy.”

Abbas Ali Khan, Partner Abacus, talked about the opportunities represented by this field by stating that “Pakistan happens to be one of the fastest developing markets for branchless banking in the world and mCommerce services will create opportunities of unprecedented scale for bringing unbanked segments of society into the fold of financial networks. This, however, is only just the beginning of limitless opportunities; the field of mCommerce is open and willing to be exploited. Here at Abacus, we are fully committed in leveraging our vast knowledge in the field of mCommerce, where we are now highly recognized and experienced”.

It is hoped that the 6th international Mobile Commerce 2013 will go a long way in the development of Mobile Financial Services in the region, ushering the country into a new era in terms of mBanking and mCommerce services.