Abacus secured implementation of Computerized Financial Management System (CFMS) in TMAs

AbacusConsulting won a World Bank funded Project under the umbrella of Punjab Municipal Services Improvement Program (PMSIP). Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company (PMDFC) has engaged Abacus to provide services for implementation, support and maintenance of a Computerized Financial Management System in 34 Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs) across Punjab Province.

The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) is responsible for spatial planning and municipal services, exclusively working closely with the Union Councils, Village/Neighborhood Councils and other civil society and private organizations.

AbacusConsulting will assist to build the capacity of TMAs to enhance their operational efficiency through automation of their financial systems and intensive training of end-users. This activity would also enable the TMAs to generate their quarterly reports in a timely manner and enable the PMDFC management in strategic decision making. All this has been commissioned with the wider strategic need to transform delivery of financial management services in the municipal level government in Punjab.