Abacus strategic win with Habib Bank Limited

AbacusConsulting has inked the deal in Singapore with Habib Bank Limited (HBL), the largest bank in the country with 1500+ branches nationwide, for the deployment of Sybase 365 Mobile Commerce Solution. HBL negotiated a group deal with AbacusConsulting and Sybase 365 inclusive of a subsequent roll-out in 25 countries. This large scale deployment is the first of its kind which opens doors for innovation and advancement in financial sector of Pakistan. The competitive business and technology insights of AbacusConsulting and Sybase 365 are aimed at providing a winning combination to Habib Bank Limited.

Pakistan is one of the fastest developing markets for branchless banking in the world. HBL’s branchless banking initiative is a large scale deployment in the region, which will create opportunities for bringing unbanked segments of society into the financial network. Sybase 365 and AbacusConsulting will implement branchless banking services for HBL and facilitate this large scale deployment for capitalizing on great market potential including the rural and unbanked population.

Through this initiative of branchless banking, HBL is looking to focus on a systematic strategy of financial inclusion leading to inclusive growth in this region. This initiative is a step towards making branchless banking in Pakistan commercially viable and sustainable.