AllWorld Selects AbacusConsulting as First Nominating Partner

AllWorld Network nominated AbacusConsulting as its first Nominating Partner in Pakistan for the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation around the globe. In collaboration with AllWorld, AbacusConsulting will support AllWorld in its mission to find and scale all growth entrepreneurs of the emerging world by 2015, creating the largest information system and entrepreneurial network to move markets.

AbacusConsulting made it to AllWorld Network’s Fast Growth Rankings for Pakistan-25 for 2010, based on its performance in 2007 to 2009 and remains in the league to date. Today, AbacusConsulting is also a finalist for Arabia-500 and invited to attend the Prime Minister's Summit on Entrepreneurship in Istanbul in December to be hosted by Prime Minister Erdogan and will be attended by US Vice President Biden.

In September 2011, AbacusConsulting was awarded the status of the first Nominating Partner for Pakistan, in response to its consistent effort in making the launch of Pakistan-100 a success. 

AllWorld Network is the brainchild of the legendary Prof. Michael Porter of Harvard University who, along with other eminent cofounders, launched this initiative in several emerging markets, including Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, India, Pakistan, and South Africa. Today, AllWorld systematically identifies private growth companies and ranks the fastest growing for the Arabia 500, Africa 500, Asia 500, Eurasia 500, and Latin America 500. AllWorld ranking endeavors to put companies on the world map, drawing the market to them.  Ranked companies “go public,” attracting new investors, customers, joint venture partners and talent so they continue to grow and get to scale.

AllWorld Network was established by Deirdre Coyle, Anne Habiby and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, after many years of promoting entrepreneurship in the developed and developing worlds.