Abacus completed PMP Training Sessions successfully in Lahore and Islamabad

AbacusCentral (PMO) achieved yet another milestone by completing PMP training sessions at Lahore and Islamabad offices. PMI certified trainer Hina Khan conducted these trainings. Ten project managers from Lahore and four from Islamabad were selected to attend this extensive five days session..

During this training session, participants were given comprehensive information on the “Introduction to PMBOK” course for the preparation of PMP exam. All the participants showed dedication during training and provided positive feedback on the company’s and PMO’s efforts to equip their project managers with advanced certification on project management. At the end, PMO Director, Fatima Asad-Said, encouraged candidates to apply for the PMP exam to enhance their project management skills and knowledge.

Fatima Asad-Said voiced her views on the occasion stating, “Effective project management is at the core of our commitment to deliver excellence to our clients and transform their businesses. Thus, enhancing our people’s project management capability and knowledge remains one of our top HR priorities.”