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SAP Education

Maximise Your Investment in SAP Software with Learning Solutions from SAP
AbacusConsulting is an authorized training center for SAP education in Pakistan. We offer a wide range of trainings in different modules. We offer all module trainings in the latest version offered globally, ECC 6.0.

Through our expertise in SAP-related knowledge transfer and learning, AbacusConsulting-SAP Education can help you to develop, protect, and reap significant value from your SAP investment. Our SAP Education offerings enable you to benefit from lower total cost of ownership and an ongoing, optimal return on your investment throughout the software life cycle. So you can

  • Implement solutions faster at reduced cost
  • Mitigate project and business risks
  • Decrease support costs with faster and higher acceptance among end users
  • Achieve operational excellence and growth
  • Ensure faster adoption of new releases and changes in business processes

Supported by cutting-edge software, services, and tools, AbacusConsulting works with you to build a culture of continuous blended learning and in realizing an outstanding and measurable return on education. AbacusConsulting-SAP Education can help you design and implement learning strategies covering the entire corporate education value chain with the following characteristics:

  • Flexible curricula - professionally designed academic sessions
  • Latest learning products to accelerate and reinforced understanding of key business processes

AbacusConsulting Training Center
AbacusConsulting Training Center - AbacusConsulting

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