AbacusConsulting's continued success with MTBF

AbacusConsulting, after successfully completing Phase I of the “MTBF” (Medium Term Budgetary Reforms) project, has now been awarded with the extension as well for further one year, effective from Sep 1, 2011. This decision of Federal Government came on the back of consistent excellence and commendable work done by AbacusConsulting.

AbacusConsulting has extended its full support for comprehensive MTBF system design, pilot and roll out across all ministries, departments and agencies of the federal government.  The MTBF completed its second full year of implementation in June 2011 and is becoming increasingly embedded as the Government’s system of budget preparation.

The MTBF system combines a strategic ‘top-down’ component, which establishes available fiscal resources and budgetary ceilings for both recurrent and development expenditure with output-based budgeting (OBB) by all the ministries and divisions of the federal government and improved transparency of budget documentation.