SAP Roll-Out in Coats Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

AbacusConsulting closed a deal with J&P Coats Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd on November 7, 2015 for SAP Global Roll-Out in Coats Pakistan. The project scope covers multiple modules including SAP Project Management, SAP Financial, SAP Accounting, SAP Controlling, SAP Materials Management, SAP Sales & Distribution and SAP Production Planning. The scope of the project also covers configuration work, local testing, data migration, local user team training, system deployment and support.
Coats is the world’s leading industrial thread and consumer textile crafts business which operate on a global basis in more than 70 countries with 90 manufacturing facilities. They are leaders in industrial and consumer thread market employing more than 20,000 people across six continents.
Abacus SAP Roll-Out kick off meeting was held in Samudra-Hotel Colombo Sri Lanka on November 9, 2015 in which teams from J&P Coats Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd and Abacus were present.