AbacusConsulting & SAP Sponsored Mobile Commerce Conference 2014

13 March, 2014: AbacusConsulting is proud to sponsor the 7th International Mobile Commerce Conference 2014 in collaboration with its technology partner SAP (NYSE: SAP) for the 4th consecutive year in a row. The conference offered vivid insights into the development of Mobile Financial Services in the region, ushering the country into a new era of mobile solutions.

During inaugural session, Carsten Kress, Senior Director Mobility, Strategic Industries for SAP gave a detailed presentation on the future of mobile money. He said that “It gives us immense pleasure to see how rapidly mobile banking has evolved in Pakistan. Mobile Commerce is helping the basic consumers in improving their lives by allowing them to avail financial solutions via their personal phones. The increasing popularity of mobile banking among the general public is a positive sign for the economic headway”.

Abbas Ali Khan, Partner AbacusConsulting, expressed his opinion about the bright prospects of this field. He stated that “ The brisk advancement of mobile and branchless banking has been phenomenal in Pakistan but much more is yet to come from the mobile financial sector and with the State Bank of Pakistan paving way for competition in this field, mobile commerce will evolve exponentially in Pakistan. At AbacusConsulting, we aspire to promote mobile financial services and branchless banking interoperation in Pakistan and implementing branchless banking technology across the various countries of the world”.

Mr. Ashraf Mehmood Wathra, Governor State Bank of Pakistan and recognized thought leaders from financial, telecom and utility sectors added to the prestige of this event. It is hoped that this event will provide enabling platform for mobile banking services in emerging markets.