Abacus wins third party evaluation of LWMC’s business plan project

Abacus has been engaged by the Local Government and Community Development Department (LG&CDD) to provide an independent evaluation of the business plan of Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC).The LWMC is a company established under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 in 2010, as a Not-for-Profit specialized waste management company. The company is tasked with managing Lahore’s waste, which is currently being produced at the rate of 5,000 tons every day.

As part of our mandate, Abacus, employing both primary and secondary sources of information shall assess the effectiveness of the LWMC’s six key functional areas, including Operations & Supply Chain Management, Regulatory, Framework and Corporate Governance, Human Resource and Change Management, Financial Management and Accounting System, Procurement & Contract Management and IT Systems and Infrastructure. This stage of the study would review all pertinent documentation including existing policy framework and procedures followed at LWMC’s selected functional areas along-with one on one interviews with relevant senior management to develop a baseline (or AS-IS Analysis) of the company’s business model. These parameters shall then be compared with leading benchmarks set by similar solid waste management companies across the globe (TO-BE), on the basis of which a GAP Analysis shall be developed. A list of recommendations to fill-in these gaps shall be suggested as well. Abacus shall also develop a Business Model Canvas, based on our findings. An extensive field survey to assess level of service satisfaction amongst Lahore’s citizens shall also be carried out as part of the assignment.