Abacus wins strategic market study for DHA

Corporate Finance and Strategy Consulting (CFSC) has been engaged by DHA Lahore for strategic business advisory and conduct of a real estate market study.  The mandate involves carrying out a market study on the real estate sector of Pakistan with focus on Lahore and specifically DHA Lahore.  The objective of the study is to identify, evaluate, conceptualize and advise on potential projects for development on certain identified sites.  Abacus is currently conducting strategic market research and providing advisory services to the Management towards developing three commercial sites in DHA Lahore, based on a balanced assessment of the relevant strategic, commercial and market parameters. The three deliverables to be developed for the client may also be used for the benefit of potential investors/partners providing them with the required information related to the proposed projects, their market, concept and investment appraisal.

Abacus has been involved in advising DHA Lahore and its partners for a number of projects with the goal to maximize value for the sponsors, potential investors and the resident public at large.