AbacusConsulting signs SAP HANA at Anwar Khawaja Industries

Abacus World Economic Forum

Abacus signed SAP HANA contract with Anwar Khawaja Industries, one of the leading sports goods companies. The company wanted to enhance its ability to collate, analyze and act on customer preferences, sales trends and keep track of changes in sporting equipment, as these traits are imperative to succeed in sports goods industry. In order to manage complex operations, Anwar Khawaja Industries required an integrated business management solution that allows flexibility to cater the unique demands of sports goods industry and maintain unique proposition and positioning, therefore, the company chose Abacus as their business transformation partner for the implementation of SAP HANA solution.

At the contract signing ceremony, Mr. Asad Ali Khan, President AbacusConsulting, expressed his views on the growing demand of centralized and integrated business management solutions in the business industry. He was of the opinion that the business sector in Pakistan is striving to reach at par with the best practices in the international business world and technological advancement for businesses can bring them in line with the global business trends. He expressed his hope for this venture to be a first step towards a long and healthy relation between the two firms.

AbacusConsulting is a leading consulting, technology and outsourcing firm. Abacus has over 200 SAP implementations in Pakistan, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.