AbacusConsulting records strategic win with DFID (Public Financial Management (LoT B) of GSF Framework Agreement)

AbacusConsulting has won the framework bid for Public Financial Management (LoT B) of the GSF framework agreement. This worldwide contract is led by OPM in association with AbacusConsulting and other internationally renowned consulting firms. DFID will share the potential pipeline with the framework suppliers, who will then be invited to bid for the country specific contracts.

Under this framework contracts, DFID will expect the short-listed suppliers to provide following:

  1. Support to improve Public Financial Management (PFM) which includes technical, institutional and political economy dimensions; design of PFM reform programs for improving budget systems, implementing computer based Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS) and strengthening controls and internal audit
  2. ii) Support to improve tax systems which includes tax policy issues and challenges facing by developing countries; improve institutional arrangements for tax administration (e.g. establishing or strengthening revenue authorities or other revenue agencies, reorganization within agencies such as by establishing large taxpayer or other units); improve systems, including computer based systems, and controls.