AbacusConsulting conducts Business Valuation for Bunny’s

AbacusConsulting was appointed as financial advisors to Bunny’s Limited in order to develop a financial model along with 5-year projections for the purpose of carrying out a comprehensive Business Valuation Study.

Bunny’s Limited has been in the bakery industry for over two decades and is one of the pioneers of high-quality bread products. The company has expanded considerably; now producing dozens of bakery, snack and food items. For over 24 years, Bunny’s has worked tirelessly to create bakery and confectionery items which add warmth, joy and nourishment to life. The company continuously focuses its efforts to better understand consumer eating habits and anticipate retailer needs, in order to provide convenience, nutrition and wellness through its products and services offerings. They have thus achieved market leadership in bakery and snack foods through exceeding customer expectations, out-matched support service, and unique products.

This exercise by AbacusConsulting will enable Bunny’s Limited to efficiently gauge their current economic value, evaluate their existing position in the market and hence, make informed decisions towards a healthy future.