Abacus' Strategic Win with HBL

Digital innovation represents not only an opportunity but also a necessity to remain competitive in today’s market. For this reason Abacus is focused on integrating technology into people’s daily life. Abacus has secured another strategic win in HBL. Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is the largest bank in the country and has a global presence in 29 countries. It is also one of those early banks in the world to implement SAP mobile platform in order to extend the reach of financial services to every single citizen of Pakistan while offering innovative financial products and ensuring quick Go-To-Market.

Recently, SAP and Samsung have worked on an integrated payment solution. Hence, the new HBL Express platform will allow customers to send money to family and friends, pay their bills, purchase airtime top-up vouchers and view their account balance and history on their mobile phones using multiple channels. HBL Express will also enable consumers without a banking relationship to save, send and spend their money. Popular transaction types would include merchant payments at the point-of-sale, government payments, person-to-person payments, mobile phone top ups and more traditional banking services like balance checks and transaction history.