Abacus wins FATA Economic Stabilization Program (FESP)

AbacusConsulting as part of the consortium led by Creative Associates has successfully won the FESP, a multimillion dollar project, to create jobs and improve economic opportunities in Federal Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA) by improving the productivity of farmers and livestock and expanding micro and small enterprises. The project is being funded by USAID and the duration of the project is four years.

The ESP will help farmers to move beyond food insecure subsistence production and support non-farm entrepreneurs. Abacus will support in the planning, development and implementation of activities in preparation for project design; advise on intervention development; and participate in the development and conduction of project monitoring and impact evaluation and representing the ESP program as required. In particular, it will provide expertise in impact assessment methods, ensuring that the design includes state-of-the-art methods and meets standards for measurement and attribution. Abacus will also coordinate with and support all third party monitoring and evaluation activities.