Abacus Wins Climate Proofing Growth and Development Program

Abacus as part of the consortium led by Oxford Policy Management (OPM) has successfully won an important CPGD regional program. This program is funded by DfID under a Wealth Creation Framework Agreement.

The CPGD is a 5-year regional program that will be run out of India and will deliver across the 5 focus countries- Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan. The focus is on 10 sub-national governments (6 states in India and 1 each in the other 4 countries). The objective of this program is to deliver sustainable economic growth, reduce poverty and build capacity to deal with changing climate.

The service provider will provide technical assistance, management and targeted funding support to Ministry of Environment/Climate Change, Finance and other related Ministries in national and sub-national level in:

  1. Setting the institutional architecture for climate change planning, policy formulation and activity implementation,
  2. Building knowledge and capacity of political leaders, governments, practitioners and investors,
  3. Designing and delivering climate resilience and low carbon measures, and
  4. Leveraging and shaping investments for climate compatible development.

AbacusConsulting will provide technical assistance in the above areas for Pakistan and Afghanistan region.