President Abacus Mr. Asad Ali Khan features in '100 Business Leaders of Pakistan'

President Abbas Ali Khan - AbacusConsulting

Manager Today, one of Pakistan’s highest selling corporate magazine, has taken a step forward by launching a ground breaking book by the name of '100 Business Leaders of Pakistan'.

 The endeavor undertaken by Manager Today is the first of its kind in the country and has identified the top 100 most influential business leaders, entrepreneurs and difference makers in Pakistan at the moment and published their exclusive interviews, highlighting their success stories and key messages.

We are proud to announce that our President, Mr. Asad Ali Khan, features in the book among the top distinguished business personalities, leaders, entrepreneurs and difference makers of the nation. In the chapter dedicated to him, the President of AbacusConsulting talks in detail about the challenges being faced by the country and how to overcome them by leveraging the abundant natural resources and strategic location of our country. He also sheds lights on his view on leadership, the significance of a good team, the emergence of services industry as an imperative part of the economy and the secret to his success as a businessman and an entrepreneur.  

Our heartiest congratulations to Mr. Asad Ali Khan on this well-earned and well-deserved place. This is a proud moment for the entire Abacus family!