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Socio-Economic Development
For a Socio-Economic plan to be successful, it is essential that people’s needs and requirements be fully understood. With the aim of ensuring higher living standards and by putting people first within the process of sustainable development, Abacus intends to strengthen institutes, maximize impact of public policies and improve the performance of such projects. These targets are achieved by working in collaboration with the stakeholders, having poverty reduction as the final goal.

Being fully aware and appreciative of cultural diversity that exists within different cities and towns, Abacus’s specialists identify ways and activities which encourage the participation of minority and disadvantaged groups, diminish poverty and its effects, create employment opportunities, and bring to light the environmental, education, health and welfare issues.    

Although the technical competencies of AbacusConsulting deal with a wide array of developmental issues, Abacus considers the following areas of utmost importance:

Program and Project Management
In order to uplift the society, coming up with innovative and effective developmental programs is of extreme importance. However, the effort in that direction can go waste if those projects are not executed with efficiency. Experts from Abacus thus not only come up with associated and relevant plans, but make certain that they are executed in the most fruitful manner.

Project Feasibility and Design
Professionals from AbacusConsulting possess vast experience in developing accurate feasibility and making certain that it is followed by an effective and easy-to-implement design. The two activities go a long way in ensuring cost-effective projects which contribute heavily in the general upheaval of the community.

Poverty and Social Impact Analysis
The consequences of one’s action play an integral part in determining the future measures and steps that one takes. Being mindful of this, AbacusConsulting has an entire section devoted to analyzing that effects that poverty and social problems have had on the community and how best to eliminate them.   

AbacusConsulting fully understands that the basic cause of all social problems is the lack of awareness and education. It is thus imperative to eradicate the root cause by encouraging education at all levels and playing an important part in this endeavor. With the help of numerous partners, Abacus is bent upon increasing literacy in the region by promoting academic projects.  

Health is imperative for the long term development of a society. It plays an integral part in a community reaching its full potential. For this purpose AbacusConsulting, along with its partners, has invested heavily in health related projects globally.

Bringing in the right people to do the right job is of utmost importance for the development of any firm. At AbacusConsulting, we assist you in making the right choices for the right departments.

With internal and external specialists, Abacus has put into operation a team of experts that collaborates across all dimensions of the consulting group in order to addressing the more complex and pressing issues, both conceptually and technically.