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Public-Private Partnership
Successive governments of the country have made privatization a cornerstone of their economic agenda since opening up to the idea in 1991. Recently this has morphed into a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode, which implies that the government retains a significant share in the state-owned entity rather than the outright divestment of majority share and management control which is a key characteristic of privatization. 

Service offerings under this head include:

Sell-Side Advisory
This pertains the whole range of privatization advisory services to Government agencies and International Financial Institutions in this section, from conducting (financial, accounting, operational, market due diligence) due diligences to offering transaction advisory, regulatory support and compliance and coordination services

Buy-Side Advisory
Offerings to potential investors interested in projects being privatized include a wide range of services including target company due diligence (financial, accounting, operational, market due diligence), Financial modeling and Valuation Studies, Transaction support in corporate, regulatory and taxation matters, Regulatory compliance and coordination services (tariff petition, licenses etc) and Negotiation support

Advice on PPP Initiatives
In line with the global trend towards structuring public service projects with the participation of both public as well as the private sector, the federal and provincial governments in Pakistan are also increasing focus towards this development mode. The key here is to find just the right mix of government’s involvement and the private sector’s contribution so that the project can be optimized at all fronts i.e. for the government, the private entity and the all-important consumer.